How to Help

The KidSMILES Pediatric Dental Clinic was founded in 2008 as a solution to a critical shortage of affordable dental options for low-income families in central Ohio. A nonprofit organization dedicated to providing quality dental care and education to children at an affordable cost to their families, KidSMILES operates two primary programs—"Providing a Dental Home to Children in Need" and "Educational Outreach to At-Risk Children."

How to Donate to KidSMILES

The gift of a smile can come in many forms. We make it easy to give the gift of a smile to an at-risk child.

Here are ways that you can invest in the future of the children that walk through our doors to receive care. Your gift means that we can provide care for them today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Why Donate to KidSMILES?

Our clinic is the only one of its kind in central Ohio, providing quality dental care and a dental home for underserved families at little to no cost. Over 35,000 children in central Ohio have never been to a dentist. We serve those families living at 250% of the federal poverty level who don’t qualify for Medicaid and can’t afford health insurance. They are working hard to make ends meet and have had to make sacrifices. Dental care for children should not be a sacrifice. It is a privilege for us to provide them a dental home.

Our Board of Directors

A twelve-member, volunteer board of directors oversees our organization. We have a diverse mix of members on our board. Currently, four members are dentists, including Dr. Mitzi Hines, who is a pediatric dentist. Each dentist on the board volunteers annually at the clinic. Our other board members consist of a finance specialist from First Merchants Bank, a financial advisor from Hamilton Capital, the VP of The Paragon Program, a top-performing Coldwell Banker King Thompson real estate agent, Patterson General Manager, a dental practice manager, the owner of Whiteboard Marketing, a Sr. Analyst, CPA from the Wendy’s Corporation. We also have a number of volunteer committee members that help us provide leadership to the organization.

Our Grant Partners

KidSMILES relies on the generosity of donations to fulfill our mission. We are grateful for the support of the following organizations for their monetary and in-kind grants: